Branding examples

Main headings for a brand's visual identity might include the following; Introduction, Logo & Brand, Colour, Typography, Image Use, Publications, Presentations, Tenders, Stationery, Advertising, Online, Events, Branded Goods, Offices, Photography & Video. Below are some of the catergories expanded as examples;

Our brand


Logo & branding devices
Protection/clear space
Incorrect usage

Additional branding

Colour palette


Publications A4
Universal grid - explanation
Universal grid - example
Typography - text cover
Typography - pages
Covers - One column - example 1
Covers - One column - example 2
Covers - One column - example 3
Covers - One column - example 4
Covers - Two column
Covers - Photo - example 1
Covers - Photo - example 2
Covers - Landscape Photo
Covers - Landscape Photo (internal)
Inside pages - One column - left hand
Inside pages - One column - right hand
Inside pages - Two column - left hand
Inside pages - Two column - right hand

Contents pages
Contact pages - Two column standalone
Contact pages - Two column publications
Contact pages - One column standalone
Contact pages - One column publications
Back covers - Text
Award logos placement - Vertical
Award logos placement - Horizontal
Back covers - Plain

Publications 210mm square

A5 landscape cards
DL landscape cards

Video & Photography

Photography studio setup
Equipment settings
How to take portraits
Portrait don’ts
Video studio set-up
Wireless mic settings
Camera mic settings

Video titles/fonts


Letterhead A4
Letterhead - Office footers
Letterhead - Affiliates/Partner firms
Compliment slips
Business cards
A5 pads
A4 pads
Record of Attendance pads
Envelopes DL
Envelopes C5
Envelopes C4
CD/DVD wallets

Advertising (+Sub-brands)
A4 and A4+ Top
A4 and A4+ Bottom
A4 and A4+ Typography
A5 and A5+
A5 and A5+ Typography



Cafe advertising
Till inserts
A4 promotions
Jar labels


Badges – Office receptions
Place cards – Table
Place cards – Seminar
Seating plans
Menus – Cover/back
Menus – Inside
Menus – buffet
Programme – Cover/back
Programme – Inside
Invitation – Level 1
Invitation – Level 2
Invitation – Level 2 back
Seminar/Briefing bulletins
Attendance sheet