Adding Value

Pro-bono support on us

We work with our clients on their pro-bono projects, donating our expertise to your firm's chosen worthwhile causes.

Asset integration and repurposing

You’ve just produced a new brochure or similar marketing piece, with branded content such as designs, colours, typography, photos and graphics. As an Areva client, we ensure these assets are always available to you, easily and in all the popular formats.

  • "Can you extract and edit a clip from our video that we can share on our social media platforms?"

  • “That cover photo would make a great cover for our presentation, please can you create it?”

  • “Could you email that new logo as a PNG file that our web designer is requesting?”

  • “Can I have an interactive PDF of the brochure to send to our new client?”

Fulfilling these type of requests is an everyday part of our client service, mostly carried out free of charge.

See an example of how we provide this here.

Advice and expertise

From years of working with international and award-winning firms, we have become advisors and solution providers in all sorts of situations, a law firm client recently described us as "creative polymaths".


We're big on client service and understand that apart from creativity and ideas, the key to a successful outcome is experienced project management and excellent communication. We focus on the overall picture from your firm's perspective, making your job easier whilst delivering always professional results.

People we know

If it's a specialist service you're looking for, we can recommend top talent to you, including; animators, film directors/producers, manifestation specialists, interior designers, exhibition stand manufacturers, model makers and more.

In-house resource? 

You may be used to outsourcing your design work, but how about freeing up some of that marketing budget by having an existing employee trained up to produce professional artwork such as advertising, presentations, brochures, tenders, stationery, etc. This approach has been very successful at one of our recent law firm clients, whereby a small team of secretaries were trained in InDesign and Photoshop and raised the bar substantially for firm and client-facing publications, as well as tenders and reports.

Primarily secretarial or marketing support staff, keen to expand their knowledge and development are ideal candidates. We assess their ability and discuss typical workflows based on the level of functionality the in-house service will deliver. Specific training incorporating software packages and best practices is then prepared and rolled out.


We initially hand-hold your in-house designer over the first weeks, creating an atmosphere of encouragement and confidence. Briefs are discussed and methods of approach put in place. On-going help and advice are available as part of the service.